Monday, January 24, 2011

Exclusive Ceramic Christmas Tree Site Is Up!

We have been working on a new website at to bring together all our poplular Dark Horse Arts and Gifts ceramic Chrsitmas Trees in one place - and it is up and running beautifully! It has been exciting to create this new website to showcase our entire collection, plus checkout is easier with major credit card or PayPal (your choice).

We love making ceramic Christmas Trees. Every one is a little different since they are entirely handmade. We put a little piece of ourselves into every tree because we know that we are helping to create new and lasting memories of Christmas for the familes that get our trees. It is very rewarding for us to have such wonderful customers and awesome feedback.

Old Fashioned Ceramic Christmas Tree Collection - 3 Trees

Our new website allows for lots of customization features like choosing the oclor star that you want, adding a music box, different bases for each tree, plus we offer 3 sizes of trees and more...

Come and check out our new site here:
and if you have one of our trees already, please leave us a rating and feedback so that others can benefit from your shopping experience with us :)

May every day bring bring you the joy of Christmas!

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