Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Decorating with Frogs, Geckos, and Bunnies - Oh My! Plus DIY Ceramics for Easter...

I love Spring! So many beautiful flowers starting to emerge and not too many bugs --- yet! Even in the desert here in Arizona flowers are abundant and even the weeds that have sprung up from the rains we recently had have pretty little yellow and purple flowers.

With weather getting warmer, I start getting ideas about decorating my home and garden. Having just planted a few dozen oleandars about my place (great for creating walls of colors and screening out the neighbors :) now I can take a break and get back to creating some unique and unusal ceramic wall hangings and garden animals.

My husband was busy over the winter creating new things too! Just check out his Tie Dye Gecko and Frogs at and pictured below. We love to create unique gifts and interesting critters!

I hope you love a few of my favorite pics here of ceramic wall hangings, garden decor and home decor pieces. They go great indoors and out. Easily hung on a wall using nails or hooks. I have a few of these critters hanging around the living room myself... :) 

You can check out more DIY paint your own ceramic kits and ceramic bisque here.  I love to hear suggestions on anything you might be interested in - for instance, the hanging steer skull was originally created as a custom order for someone who requested it and it worked out quite well! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoy Spring time where you are :)

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