Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY Time! Paint Your Own Ceramic Horse

I remember when I was a little girl and there was a carnival in town, I always coveted the miniature horse statues that you could win as a prize at some of the games. I never did win one... sadly I guess I sucked at those games (but doesn't everybody :)  So my search for getting a horse statue that I could love for my very own continued until today. 

After searching for the last 2 years, we found a great design for a small standing horse that I just love! And the best part is, unlike the plastic Made In China horses that you get nowadays, our horses are ceramic and can last a lifetime... plus you get to paint it!!!

You can see an example of my first try painting this little darling horse. I think he came out beautifully. Eventually, we will offer some finished horses in this style - and since I am always looking for ideas, if you have a favorite type of horse, leave me a comment so I can make one  - but for now I am offering this little horse as a DIY Paint Your Own Ceramic Horse kit at our Etsy store or just bisque piece paif you have your own paint.

It is very easy to paint, and girls go crazy over this project. Really memorable for birthday parties, or as a gift that will last a lifetime. Really... I have some ceramic pieces that I made when I was 11 years old that look like new 30 years later (OK I just gave away my age a bit! lol ) 

I really ope you love this paint your own ceramic horse as much as I do!  Love to see your comments :)

All my best wishes for your health and happiness,

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