Friday, July 3, 2009

Grace & Beauty

Gray Adult and Baby Dolphin in Foamy Surf
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Graceful White Dolphin Playing in the Surf
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What can be more graceful than dolphins playing in the surf?

One of the very first that we got and made was a dolphin playing in the surf. This mold is unique because it has two parts - the primary large piece and the baby dolphin piece which rides along side the parent dolphins in the waves.

A bit about the process of creating our ceramic pieces: We hand select all of the plaster molds that we use to create our ceramics. This method of creating ceramics is often called "slipcasting" since the liquid ceramic clay we use is called "slip".

The nature of this mold enables us to offer either a single dolphin figurine, or dolphin and baby.

Pictured above is a adult and child dolphin in gray riding on foamy waves. I hand paint all of the detail on this piece and use a special glaze on the waves that creates a "foam" effect that is raised from the rest of the piece. Pictured next is a single dolphin in pure white glossy glaze.

We love this dolphin piece because of its beauty and elegance. It's great to see a collector's joy when they find this special treasure at one of the local shows we do in the Tucson and Casa Grande area - we know that they will cherish it forever!

We handcraft all the ceramics start to finish, using our own electric kiln to "fire" (bake) each piece at over 2000 degrees F and then finishing with quality glazes and firing again. This creates a sturdy piece that will never fade or change in appearance. We have pieces in our own collections that are over 30 years old and they all look like new! Who knew we were creating heirlooms?

Stained Glass Dolphins Yin Yang Round Subcatcher or Wall Hanging
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  1. Your dolphins are beautiful. Its interesting to learn that you can cast the individual pieces. Thanks so much for featuring my stained glass dolphins.


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