Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something old and something new.... Victorian Crossroads

Dark Horse Arts and Gifts was recently accepted into the Victorian Crossroads Market and I cannot begin to tell you just how wonderful this market truly is! While browsing this unique and beautiful market, you start to feel as if you have been transported to a time past that is full of elegance and beauty, simplicity and grace.

The feeling of the Victorian-Edwardian Era (1832-1918) is represented very well at VC, and I love exploring all it has to offer. It is fascinating to me that an old era can be blended so beautifully in today's world.

I have found wonderful prints and cards, jewelry with an old-fashioned flare, lovely hats, great drawings and even honey! For me, being part of the Victorian Crossroads Market has meant an exploration in something old, but something new as well.

I have always loved this interesting time, but have never fully explored it. Now, day by day I explore and learn a little more and find it is very nostalgic and peaceful to browse and expose myself to this lovely marketplace. As explained in VC, this was a time of etiquette, glamor and romance amidst so many changes in the world like the many scientific advancements and the industrial revolution.

What a time it must have been, and how like the times we live in now....

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