Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Santa's Elves Must Feel and Wild Horses Couldn't Keep Us Away

It's been a while since my last blog post, and for that I apologize. It is not my intention to neglect you or this blog. However, in my defense, the busy season (aka the holidays) is upon us and my family and I have been spending long hours and late nights working on new pieces. We have been as busy as, well, Santa's elves. So, like many crafters out there, we empathize with Santa's elves wholeheartedly.

Nevertheless, we are having a lot of fun creating new pieces like our Hanging Steer Skulls (which are made by modifying our classic Steer Skulls and adding a steel wire hanger), incorporating new and vibrant colors into our line of Geckos (which are the most sought and bought at every show we attend), and experimenting with new molds and colors for brand new line of Thanksgiving and Christmas items (more will be online soon) to compliment our Halloween holiday items. (Speaking of Halloween - become a fan on our Facebook page and get a special discounts - this month receive 10% on all Halloween items by becoming a fan and using the special code.)

This is what my dining room table has looked like (with pieces interchanging day to day) as we get ready for our upcoming shows.

Speaking of shows, we have quite a few lined up in the Southern Arizona area - so if you are in the area, stop by, we'd love to meet you in person! (see our show schedule here.) We have so much fun at the shows meeting new people, spending time with our new artist friends, and immersing ourselves in all the wonderfully creative art on display. Wild Horses couldn't keep us away!

And that's not just a reference to a great Rolling Stones song! Dark Horse Arts and Gifts is donating 5% of all item sales to the American Horse Defense Fund. The AHDF rescues wild horses and donkeys; purchases, restores, and maintains land for natural habitats so these majestic animals can roam free; coordinate efforts with other non-profit groups and more!


  1. Love your working area ~ Looks really nice and neat ~ So organized too~ I'm so jealous my jewelry/card making area is so messy

    Your donation to American Horse Defense Fund is wonderful ~ it is always wonderful to see various artist who set up a way to help in their communities this is a very worthy cause!

  2. Thanks ~ I try to help animals in any way that I can and the Horse Defense Fund is just the first! I am hoping to be able to contribute to several this year :)


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