Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spicy Ceramic Surprise!

I know I am supposed to be posting Liquid Clay to Shining Lights - Part 2 Ceramic Christmas Trees, but to our surprise we receive an 'emergency' ceramic order :)  Two days ago we got a call from a wonderful woman in New Jersey who is putting together a very special Bridal Shower for her daughter in Missouri. To make the occasion very special, the theme for the shower is Sweet & Spicy and it seems that our Red Hot Chili Pepper holders fit the bill perfectly!
Red Hot Chili Pepper Rest - Ceramic Holder

Now, we do not stock large quantities of any item, so for the next few days, we are busy pouring, painting, firing and finishing all 60 of these little chilies --- a tall order indeed! We only have two weeks to complete the order, but we are determined and thrilled to be able to make such a special occasion a memorable event.

I will be posting Part 2 very soon. Stay tuned :)

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