Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eeek! Roadkill Critters...

We have a strange sense of humor at times at, but we love to see people smile and our roadkill armadillo has always brought a chuckle to our customers at shows and events.  So we have expanded our designs of roadkill critters... we now have Squashed Squirrel, Roadkill Opossum, Oops! Roadkill Raccoon and Roadkill Skunk (minus the smell of course!)

These makes great stocking stuffers for family and friends with a sense of humor, or as a unique gift - they are very unusual and you will not find these in stores :)  All handmade in the USA with all food safe materials made in the USA, they can be used as spoon rest in the kitchen, as tea bag holder, tea spoon holder, desk accessory for business cards or paperclips, as ring holders at your bedside, and more...

Despite their macabre circumstance, each one has a little grin, so you know they died happy ;)  and we take extra care in painting to make them cute and appealing (not gross or gory-lol).

Hope you enjoy! 

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