Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Natural Health Online Helps Others Help Themselves

One of my passions is natural heath and natural remedies for healthy living instead of traditional medicine (allopathic) and I love this new resource at  My own health experience has taught me that traditional medicine is not for everyone and natural methods are really becoming more mainstream today as other people are finding out that nutrition and natural remedies makes a huge difference in quality of life.

Having suffered a major disease twice in my life, I try to help others whenever I can learn more about the options that are available to them for better health. It's really wonderful to see someone improve and flourish, and if I can help be any part of that - how awesome!

I have written a few articles for based on my own natural health experieinces with thyroid problems, IBS, Candida and others.  I will be contributing more as time goes on in hopes to help others who are seeking natural solutions. Hope you enjoy the website as much as I do!

You can leave comments on any of the articles. There is a wealth of information there already ~ and growing. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I'd love to see 'em!

To your great health~

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